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We are under the umbrella of the national organization of Hearing Loss Association of America which is located in Bethesda. Maryland. http://www.hearingloss.org

HLA-RI’s primary function is to educate it members, their families and friends about the causes, nature and complications of hearing loss and what can be done to better cope with that loss. We hold monthly meetings between September and June at which we may have guest speakers on a variety of topics relating to hearing loss. We may also have informal meetings where the members share their experiences and knowledge relating to hearing loss. We also have two socials a year as well.

We are able to provide CART –Computer Aided Real Time Captioning which is projected on to a large screen so that the participants can “hear what is being said in the meetings”

Some meeting topics include Accessibility, hearing aids, legislation, cochlear implants, tinnitus, captioning, relay system, assistive devices, state services, coping tips many more topics! We also have social events.

Before HLA-RI, many of the members felt isolated, found communication a struggle, were confused about technology, didn’t know their rights and hid their hearing loss

And now HLA-RI is a place to find answers, ask new questions, and meet people who understand. HLA-RI is a resource for information and friendship.

The monthly meetings are held at different locations within Rhode Island. To be placed on the email distribution list for notices and other important announcements, send an email to HLARhodeIsland@aol.com This email list is not shared with any organizations or individuals and each HLA-RI ‘s member is blind copied on each email.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Next Meeting

Next Meeting: Monday April 20th6:30-8:30 PM                         

Where: Warwick Public Library, Sandy Lane, Warwick, RI

Topics:  Informal Discussion as a Person with a Hearing loss

Facilitator: Betsy Beach

This meeting will be an informal discussion with time to talk about:

Your experience as a person with hearing loss
Your hopes for our RI HLA Chapter

Secondly: A chance to work together to plan for:

The May Hearing Loss Expo at the State Offices Building
Informational and social events throughout the rest of the year
Expanding our membership
Other topics of interest to the group

Be sure to attend and bring your questions and thoughts and suggestions!

There will be CART (Computer Aided Real Time Captioning) so that everyone can "hear" what is being said.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Next Meeting March 7th 2-4PM Warwikc Library

Please join us on for a special strategy and planning meeting for HLA-RI:

Saturday March 7th,
2 – 4pm
Warwick Public Library, Sandy Lane, Warwick, RI,

We have been working with Ed Ogiba, the Director of Chapter Development for Hearing Loss Association of America, to better understand how we can operate as both a state entity (influencing hearing access throughout Rhode Island) and as a chapter (organizing activities for our members).  At our strategy and planning meeting we will redesign HLA-RI to be more effective as an organization, brainstorm ideas on how to solicit more participation, and plan our 2015 program.

Below is some background on how we can operate as a state organization and as a chapter.  If you have ideas on how we can do both of these, please join us at the meeting.  If you cannot attend, please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with the steering committee by sending an email to HLARhodeIsland@aol.com

--- State Organization ---
As a state entity, we want to support the 4-prong mission of HLAA:
1)    Advocacy: select  HLAA policy initiatives to implement in RI
Previously we have been successful in implementing initiatives related to hearing aid insurance, newborn screening, T-coil awareness, and requiring political ads to be captioned if a candidate uses state funding for their campaigns.  We will review the current HLAA advocacy agenda and decide which area to focus on.  The top issues currently include hearing health care awareness and affordability, hearing accessible venues, captioning quality, hearing aid compatible and captioned telephones, hearing assistive technology, emergency preparedness, and communication access in the workplace.  Do any of these topics resonate with you?

2)    Awareness: make hearing loss an issue of state-wide concern
Previously we have coordinated efforts with state organizations and state agencies to make sure that hearing loss issues are part of the state-wide agenda.  We have staffed tables at town and state health fair events, made presentations, participated in committees, and many other activities to promote awareness about hearing loss and HLAA.  We will review what we are currently doing and decide if there are additional ways that we can promote awareness about hearing loss throughout RI.

3)    Education: provide information on how to improve the quality of life for people with hearing loss
Previously we have provided information on our website and through our email list.  We have also used educational programs at meetings to provide information about technology and coping strategies.  HLAA has an educational program that includes webinars and course offerings.  We will review how we currently doing and decide if there are additional ways that we can provide education about hearing access.

4)    Fundraising: raise money to support planned programs
Previously we have raised funds through generous donations from our members and our participation in the New England Walk4Hearing.  As we develop plans for 2015, we will also identify fundraising needs and opportunities.

--- Chapter Organization ---
As a chapter, we want to organize meetings and activities for our HLA-RI members.  We have had many chapter meetings with interesting and informative speakers over the last 25 years since our Self Help for the Hard of Hearing Sargent Chapter was formerly recognized in 1989 when we were located in Providence and later moved to Warwick.  We have also organized social events including dinner socials and the annual sailing trip. 

If we transition HLA-RI into a state organization and a chapter, will this make it easier for people to engage in the activities they are interested in?  Will this help us both advance hearing access throughout the state and organize activities of interest to our members?  Come join us to brainstorm our future.

We hope to see you on March 7th!

There will be CART.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


If you are unable to view the message below, you can view this message on our website.  
WEBINAR: MFi (Made for iPhone) and Telecoil Technology: A Winning Team
January 19, 2015
photo of presenter
Guest Speaker: Juliëtte Sterkens, Au.D.
Date: Wednesday, January 21, 2015
Time: 8 p.m. - 9 p.m. Eastern Time
Join us this Wednesday for a free captioned webinar featuring Juliëtte Sterkens, Au.D., who will be presenting MFi (Made for iPhone) and Telecoil Technology: A Winning Team.

Juliëtte Sterkens, Au.D. took a leave from her audiology practice to take on the position of Hearing Loop Advocate for HLAA, traveling across the country to meet with HLAA Chapters and audiologists about the importance of telecoils and how to get a hearing loop project started in their community.

Please join HLAA Hearing Loop Advocate Juliëtte Sterkens, Au.D. for an informative session on Made For iPhone (MFi), Bluetooth and Telecoil Wireless Technology. Learn where and when each technology can help you hear with hearing devices you already own. Looking to replace your instruments in the near future? Attend this webinar to learn what questions to ask of your hearing provider regarding wireless technology.

How to Join the Webinar
Go to the Webinar Schedule page and click on the Join Webinar button.
Java is no longer a requirement to access our webinar platform, Blackboard Collaborate, but there is a series of steps required for first time attendees; we recommend spending a few minutes well in advance of the webinar making sure you are able to access Collaborate. Should you have any questions, please contact Nancy Macklin, HLAA Director of Events, at nmacklin@hearingloss.org or 301.657.2248 Ext. 106.
Hearing Loss Association of America 7910 Woodmont Ave, Suite 1200 Bethesda, MD 20814
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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Future Meetings

Folks. no meetings have been defined as of yet. We are taking this time to ask people for ideas and topics for upcoming in 2015.
Your ideas and thoughts are much needed as HLA-RI is about you and your needs.
Simply write down what you would like to see for a meeting as this will help us move forward to planning , scheduling and implementing and email it back to us at 
Thank you!
HLA-RI's steering committee

Captions at the Warwick Showcase!

FYI: Here are the instructions for the new Caption glasses located at the Warwick Showcase Cinema located at 1200 Quaker Lane in Warwick RI (This is not the Warwick Mall location!)

You need to ask for the glasses at the customer service desk. The captions are on only one lens so if you have a bad left or right eye tell them that so they will adjust the glasses so the captions project on your good side.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

November Meeting

Next Meeting: Saturday November 15, 2014   2:00 PM-4:00 PM

Where: Warwick Public Library, Sandy Lane, Warwick, RI

Topics:  Hearing Loop Technology

Come and learn about “Hearing Loop Technology” as this type of assistive listening device can be used in a variety of situations and venues.
Dave Abel, a person with hearing loss, is passionate and a user of  this form of assistive technology
This will be a “must attend session” as such technology continues to improve and is a welcomed addition to the wide range of assistive technology.

Be sure to attend and bring your questions!

There will be CART.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sailing Event ! 9/14/2014

HLA-RI is planning a free Sailing event on Sunday September 14, 2014 from 2-4 PM. It will be the Two Mast Schooner, the Aurora in Newport – out of Goat Island.  www.NewportExperience.com 

Details to follow soon but please mark your calendar. Also please respond to indicate you will be interested in participating in this sailing event. 
Please email to HLARhodeisland@aol.com to let us know that you are interested. Feel free to invite family or friends to attend. We need to have an idea of how many people who are interested.
There will be no cart as there is no narration during the sail.